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Whether you run a restaurant, sell retail goods, book appointments, or just need a versatile point of sale for whatever comes next, we have the tools that will best support you.

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Arm Your Staff With An
Omni-Channel POS

Avoid the customer relationship damage done by using multiple inventory systems. Buzz POS integrates your in-person and online retail channels so that your sales staff have real-time visibility over key customer and inventory data at the moment the sale is occurring.

Speed Up Your
Checkout Process

Our lightning-fast POS has powerful features such as an
integrated product & customer search, discounts, laybuy,
customer-specific pricing, on-account sales and ship from store

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Cross-Device Compatibility

Our software works on PC and Mac devices and syncs to a central cloud database. This means your business can use the equipment it already owns to conduct sales with Buzz POS.

Connect and Build

For more functionality with your POS system, connect it with
dozens of apps from Buzz Add-ons. Create new ways to reward &
engage your customers based on your unique business needs.

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