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At Buzz Media, our mission is to empower every business, at every stage to enter the inevitable digital frontier. By removing the limitations on eCommerce access, we are determined to educate, guide and carry businesses forward on the digital journey.

Buzz Values

Our Values

We strive to redefine the standard of excellence.

Intuitive & Resourceful

We empower our clients, community and teams through proactive assessment of key requirement indicators: regional trends, global best practices, and updates to the technological landscape.

Pragmatic & Accountable

We establish analytical mechanisms that assess the validity and viability of each goal we set for ourselves and our stakeholders to ensure that our expectations are realistic and achievable.

Generous & Mindful

We develop a work and service environment through solutions that seek to meet, the dreams and goals of all those we serve while considering their limitations.

Researched & Dynamic

We believe that growth must be holistically achieved through active efforts to understand our regional environment and the enabling of exciting unified experiences.

Rewarding & Excellent

We strive to create a competitive environment for our team and to be a progressive, impactful and accessible accelerator for every business within our region.

Professional & Exhilarating

We nurture an environment that ensures comfort and flexibility while encouraging respectful and uplifting views and communications between our team members and those we serve.

Inside Buzz

At Buzz media, we believe in the power of our people. That's why we've assembled a team of passionate professionals who are dedicated to empowering both our clients and themselves.

We foster a culture that champions individual strengths and supports continuous learning. We set goals that challenge and inspire and use setbacks as opportunities for collaborative improvement. Our diverse and inclusive environment thrives on embracing our differences.

Our team members are active participants in shaping our success. We provide hands-on experience, encourage proactive exploration of new opportunities, and empower them to contribute to industry-defining projects.

Our biggest reward comes from seeing your vision come to life. We're driven by the opportunity to help our clients achieve their dreams, and we believe in the transformative power of e-commerce. Partner with Buzz, and let's unlock your full potential together.

Our History

At Buzz, we’ve grown from hosting Event Listings and Online Ticketing to providing a wider range of experience and payment services via our Cloud platforms. Our core of “know what’s happening” has expanded to implementing eCommerce infrastructure to support you in what’s happening next.



Launch of Buzz Event Photography & Buzz’s popular Facebook page


Beta Access to the Buzz.tt entertainment website.


Launch of Buzz.tt with Event Listings as our main feature


Launch of Buzz Movie Listings on Buzz.tt



Launch of Buzz Galleries on Buzz.tt


First Live Alpha Test Payment for Buzz Ticketing services



Launch of the Buzz.tt Studio space


First Live Beta Test Payment for Buzz Ticketing


TEDxPortofSpain Reality Revisited partnership with TEDxPortofSpain


Launch of Buzz Ticketing services



First Live Beta Test Payment for Buzz Shops services (now part of the Buzz Commerce Cloud)


Gamescon event partnership with E-Sports Caribbean League



First Live Alpha Test Payment of Buzz Pay (now part of the Buzz Business Cloud)


First Live Beta Test Payment of Buzz Pay (now part of the Buzz Business Cloud)



Launch of Buzz Pay (now part of the Buzz Business Cloud)


bMobile Connect Conference event partnership with bMobile



The coronavirus pandemic pivots the world into online commerce; the Buzz Cloud platform model is conceptualized.


We said farewell to Buzz Movies & Buzz Galleries.



First Live Beta Test Payment of the Buzz Commerce Cloud Store Channel


Launch of the Buzz Business & Commerce Cloud



Launch of Buzz Experiences


Dubai Euphoria Buzz Experiences partnership with TTARP

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