Shipping & Fullfilment
Made Easy

Build the road from buy button to satisfied customer with
Buzz easy-to-use tools and powerful shipping functionality.

Shipping And Fullfilment
Meet Customers

Meet Your Customers
Where They Are

Arrange For In-Store Pickup

Want customers to link up with an in-store pickup? No problem,
Buzz has the functionality and capability to make in-store pickup
a one-click process.

Ship Worldwide

International shipping is no problem either, with real-time rates
and options from carriers like DHL, Deutsche Post, Australia Post
and more.

Reduce Paperwork & Ship Faster

Incorporate notifications, SKUs, refund processing and more
directly into the process. Buzz is optimized for established
businesses that need to get things done.

Shipping Labelling

Shipping labelling has traditionally been a tedious, labour
intensive & error-prone part of the supply chain. Buzz automates
shipping labelling reducing operating costs & improving
profitability for fast-growing retailers and brands.


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