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One simple and powerful platform to manage all aspects,
of your retail business Grow your business, connect with
your customers and fulfill your sales.

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Manage your sales
Store Inventory

Manage Your Inventory

Our powerful inventory management features give you flexibility
and control. Assign SKUs, product variants, multiple product
images, categories and subcategories and a host of pricing
options that help you convert visitors into customers.

Fast & Secure
Payments On Orders

Use our built-in payment processing, Buzz Pay, to accept all major credit cards. Have your proceeds paid directly to your bank account. No third party accounts or integrations needed.

Fast Secure Payments
Staff Account Roles

Staff Account Roles and

Control access and management of your store through powerful
role management tools. Delegate control across Owner, Admin,
and Staff account roles.

Shipping & Fullfilment
Made Easy

Being a successful retailer means delivering exceptional
customer experience. Deliver your orders faster and offer
your customers the choice of multiple carriers at checkout with Buzz.

Shipping and Fullfilment
Customer Insights

Customer Growth and

Engage with your customers after they’ve made a purchase with
our mailing lists and feedback tools. Understand your customers
and keep them coming back for more.

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