Inventory Management

Stay organized, keep errors to a minimum and keep an
eye on all of your inventory with Buzz powerful inventory
management tools.

Inventory Management
Free Themes

Inventory Management
For Business

With Buzz, you’ll never waste money again on inefficient
inventory processes. Setting up and organizing your online
inventory is as easy as a few clicks. Classify and categorize
your inventory within a powerful and flexible system.

Make Your Products
Stand Out

Product Variants

Different versions of the same product? Easily create any variants
in size, color, material or any other metric. Give your customers a
wealth of products and options.

Multiple Images

Show your products from every angle with a
gallery of product images.

Categories And Subcategories

Make your store easy to navigate by categorizing products based
on type, price, and theme, and create menus and pages to manage content.

Options for every business

Options For Every

Sell What You Want, When You Want

Sell physical products, digital products or services with Buzz’
flexible and dynamic product listing functionality.

Manage Inventory

Set and track stock levels and automatically put a hold on sales
when they sell out.

SEO Optimized

Easy SEO optimization for your online store, with product
and category specific meta tags, titles and URLs.

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