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Collect Recurring Payments With Subscriptions

Use recurring billing services via a platform that’s built for automation. Collect your regular payments with minimal effort for both your business & clients.

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Recurring Payments

Use Automation For Increased Efficiency

Let Us Generate Your Recurring Payments

Subscriptions allow you to control the billing cycle, get instant alerts on subscription activity, and send automatic payment notifications to clients. All you have to do is link your customer to a plan, and let us handle everything else for you.

Provide Flexible Payment Solutions

Multiple Billing Options

Fixed Payment Schedule

Automate fixed price recurring charges to customers per a fixed period of time e.g. weekly, monthly, annually, etc.

Quantity Based Model

Charge your customers based on the number of users or quantity per billing cycle.

Usage-Based Model

Charge your customers for only what they consume over a billing cycle.

Billing Options
Plan Addons

Entice Customers To Buy Additional Services

Create Add-Ons For Subscription Plans

Would you like your customers to opt-in to additional services related to your regular subscription plans? Create Add-Ons to have them billed as a bundle on the same payment cycle.

Additional Subscriptions features baked into our platform


Run On Autopilot

Create subscription plans, link customers to the best options, and leave the rest to us.


Easy Reporting

Track all your subscriptions and analyze your customer behaviour using dashboard reports.

Payment Collection

Easy Payment Collection

We take care of scenarios such as declined cards, failed transaction retries, change of card, & more so you don’t have to.

Payment Notification

Payment Notifications

We notify you of all payment related activities so that you remain in full control of your business.

Personalize User Experience

Personalize User Experience

Offer free trials, setup fees if necessary, and plans that only continue for a specific number of payments.

Social Links Sharing

Social Plan Sharing

Share subscription plans via Email, Facebook, Twitter, & more! Customers can also scan plan QR Codes in person.

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