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If you love Soca music, then you love Sizwe. When he opens his mouth and lets his vocal instrument take over, you will have your “Hands in the Air” for years to come!

Soca music is as popular today as it has ever been. Born in the rich history of Trinidad and Tobago, Soca music whose roots sprung from its social commentary Calypso predecessor is now recognized and enjoyed in countries around the World. It is almost impossible not to feel the energy of this up-tempo, adrenaline pumping, mood-lifting music – and with Sizwe on the scene bringing Soca to a totally new generation, Soca music is primed to take its rightful place as part of modern popular culture.

Sizwe, of part Trinidadian blood and part Hatian hails from Montreal – one of many metropolitan cities in Canada that is known for…
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