Last Updated: March 22, 2021


Contacts and List Management

We recently rolled out this feature to allow you the Event Organizers to easily manage your contacts and contacts list all in one platform. We intend to roll out more add-on features to this section to stay tuned for more.

Other changes include: 

  • Event Manager Guest Lists tab has been removed.
  • Event Manager Guests has been redesigned.


Major Key Alert: Buzz Event Manager Redesign

It took some time, but we're proud to roll out this new Event Manager design. With this design we hope to have a major improvement in Event manager navigation with the introduction of our new side menu. We honestly feel that this new layout is much cleaner and easier on the eye.


Clean URLs have arrived!

We removed the unique id from the event URL because... well because it looks cleaner without it :)

Other changes include:

  • Request Verification: Event Organizers can now request verification from right within the platform, no need to contact us via email although you can still if you wish.


Get the answers you need

We made some improvements to our Custom Registration Form feature in the event manager. you can now add questions specific to a particular ticket created. Oh the possibilities!


Sell your event merchandise

We added a new ticket type to our platform. Now add Merchandise items to your event page, attendees will receive a separate ticket just for the merchandise item so they can collect prior to your event or however you wish to specify collection of items.


Better Analysis of events

We listened to your cries, inspected and resolved the issues with our event analysis section of the event manager. All is right with the world now.

Other changes include:

  • Published confirmation screen only displays on first publish of an event. subsequent updates of your event page no longer directs you to this screen.


Who's got the keys to the city?

Introducing locked tickets! Now you can add locked tickets to your event only accessible to those you give the password to.

Full list of changes:

  • Locked Tickets - Change the status of tickets to locked and set a password for patrons to access it.
  • UI enhancements - Changed icons to line icons on various pages on the site
  • Profile page redesign - While on your own profile you have access to all the settings tabs for your account
  • Drag and drop reordering on custom registration form - You can reorder your questions on the custom registration form within the event setup
  • Fixed graphs in event manager Analyze tab - we noticed some data discrepancies in the data being graphed, so we fixed them
  • Cinema icons - added MovieTowne's Vip Platinum cinema logo as well as Caribbean Cinemas South Park 10 CXC logo to movie schedules so you can differentiate showtimes further



You used to call me on my cell phone

Don't know how we missed that one, but we added a Phone number field to our Request a demo form. Now we can contact you directly.



Hey everyone... Get in here!

We are pleased to introduce to you Ticket Groupings in our latest update. This feature is great for conferences, workshops, multi-date events and more.

Full list of changes:

  • Ticket Groupings: create groups and drag and drop tickets into these groupings
  • Drag and drop rearrangement of tickets<



Not everything that glitters is Chrome

Through feedback from one of our awesome members we were made aware of an issue with opening the pdf ticket download in Google Chrome browser.
We are pleased to say this issue has been resolved.

  • Fixed issue with the pdf ticket download failing to open in Google Chrome browser.




"Become Addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement" - Anthony J. D'Angelo

We are constantly working to improve your experience while visiting, here are a couple items we have been working on:

  • Fixed issue on signup form that caused the modal to remain on screen
  • Fixed an error with contacting organizers from the button on the organizer block
  • Added LinkedIn profile to Organizer Profile
  • Added phone number display to Organizer Profile
  • Ability to add hex color code when customizing ticket design





Absorb, Pass or Split Fees

As Event Organizers you now have the option to either pass on transactions fees to the buyer, absorb it yourself, or split the fees 50/ 50.

All changes:

  • Custom Registration Form on ticket checkout page
  • Updated Pricing page
  • Organizer Profile design enhancements
  • SWIFT Key input fields added to Organizer Payment information
  • Show/hide Attendees block on event page
  • General sitewide design enhancements.



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