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Harness the power of Buzz's online ticketing platform with all the tools you need to market your event
from inception to the closing of your event's doors.

Event Page

Create your own Event

Setting up an event page is quick and easy. Create a beautiful event page in minutes and start selling tickets to your event.

Mobile Ready

Create one event page that looks great across all devices. Over 50% of our monthly visitors, visit from mobile devices They'll be impressed, Trust us.

Secure Credit Card Transactions

Through the use of industry leading credit card security, you can be confident that your patrons will purchase their tickets without fear.

Designed to be Shared

We've made sharing effortless so that attendees can share your event with their friends on social media by the click of a button.

Simple Pricing

For paid events, the Buzz fee is 2% + USD $1 (TTD $6), with a 3% credit card fee. Free events are free and will always be.

Custom Order Form

Collect any data you want during the checkout process to help you better understand your attendees.

Promotion & Sales

Ticket Sale Widget

Have your own website? Use our custom embeddable Ticket Sale Widget and sell tickets directly from your website.

Social Sharing

We make sharing your event really easy for attendees. It's like they will promote your event for you.

Organizer Page

Create a custom page to promote all of your events in one place. You can choose your own logo and cover photo.

Website Badge

Use our custom embed code and add a badge to your own website that links to your event page on Buzz.

Discount Codes

Create any number of percentage or fixed-cost discounts and watch your ticket sales reach new heights.

Organizer Dashboard

Activity Feed

See a live feed of all the activity around your event as it happens, everything from ticket sales to refunds to shares.

Event Metrics

Keep informed with the most crucial metrics in real time. We show data concerning revenue, ticket sales, page views and more.

Top Ticket Sales

At a glance you can see which ticket is selling the most and also know what percentage of those tickets were sold.

Multiple Ticket Types

Pre-sale? Student discount? Limited time offer? We make it easy for you to completely customize multiple ticket types for your event.

Password Protected Events

Want to make your event super exclusive? Protect your event with a password so only selected people can view and buy tickets.

Organizer App

Activity Feed

See a live feed of all the activity around your event as it happens, everything from ticket sales to refunds to shares all from your mobile device.

Sales Stats & Analytics

View your key event metrics like revenue, tickets sold, attendees in the mobile community, and percentage of attendees checked in.

Attendee List

A searchable list of your event's attendees. You can view detailed data on each attendee as well as order information.

Send in-App Notifications

Reach every attendee in your mobile community instantly via push notifications. Messages can be received even if their app is closed.

Scan Tickets

Use the integrated QR code scanner to quickly scan tickets and check attendees into your event. This can prevent duplicate tickets being used.

Syncs with Multiple Devices

Use the app on multiple devices to speed up the check in process. The data is synced in real-time with other devices.

Works Offline

Check in attendees and scan tickets even without an internet connection. It’ll sync with our servers once connectivity is restored.

Buzz Mobile AppNew

Buy Tickets

Find events and book tickets directly through the app. Also you can easily access all tickets bought on the app.

Real Time Notifications

Receive instant push notifications from event organizers. Perfect for getting updates such as change of venue, cancellations and more.

Share Events on Social Media

Share your favourite events on different social networks easily. Just the touch of a button and you can spread the word.

Send Tickets to Friends

As you are booking tickets to an event you can send tickets to your friends on Buzz. You can also send it after the checkout process.


Fast Response Time

Our customer service team is available 8am - 5pm UTC with emergency support on nights and weekends.

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