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Wet & Wild: Bikini Edition


We not sticking! Let's set the date one time for 2014! SPACE presents it's official signature outdoor fete for Carnival 2014!!! 1) 2010: you experienced this whole new concept of a party...and it WAS MOST DEFINITELY A HIT! In fact, it was so much of a hit...everyone followed the leader! 2) 2011: the event spoke for itself...IT IS OFFICIALLY THE WETTEST & WILDEST...FOAM & WET Party for the year!!! 3) 2012: was completely SOLD OUT! 4) 2013: was most definitely a success! Ticket sold out like hot bread! 5) 2014: We have some time to come up with new designs & improvements! :) ____________________________________________ On Sunday 23rd February 2014, SPACE will continue to do it with a difference above the rest! Presenting...WET & WILD ~ The Carnival Foam & Wet Party!!! >Foam cannons, Foam Machines, Water Sprinkler, Hoses, Water Balloons, Swimming Pools & so much more!!! (Don't forget to bring your super soakers!) >Coolers allowed before 5PM! (Plastic bottles ONLY!) >COORS LIGHT Special: 2 for $20!!! LIVE performances by: ---RAVI B, NISHA B, GREGORY & The power of KARMA! ---KI & the band 3VENI! ---SHAL MARSHALL ---FADDA MOSES GUEST Performances by: ---MOSES CHARLES ---JOHN THO ---DEVON SINGH ---MR DOLL & NIGEL SALICKRAM PRE-SOLD TICKETS: $200 (SOLD OUT!) $240 (NOW AVAILABLE!) >TICKETS AVAILABLE @: OUTLETS: SPACE 697-1165 HI RPM 223-8282 (Gulf City, San Fernando) The RANCH Mayaro 223-6798 (Mayaro) COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Kareem 776-8947 (Marabella/UWI) Imran 772-8838 (La Romaine) Dominic 735-8328 (South/Central) Andel 732-6585 (San-Fernando/ Princes Town) Raedel 720-6669 (Rio Claro/POS) Stephie 389-8569 (Freeport/Chaguanas) Richard 620-1604 (San Fernando/Gulf View) Suzanna 351-4077 (Marabella) Aaron 309-3971 (San-Fernando/ Princes Town) Neisha 319-0494 (San Fernando/Point Fortain) Sadia 303-1399 (San Fernando) Sharon 324-4683 (San Fernando/Penal/Mayaro) Radha 682-1996 (San Fernando/Penal) ____________________________________________ SPONSORED BY: -SPACE LA NOUBA -HI RPM (Gulf City) -THE RANCH MAYARO -COORS LIGHT -ANGOSTURA -JOHNNY WALKER BLACK -CIROC -JAGGERMEISTER -LAING Group of companies -MONSTER ENERGY -BLUE WATERS -PEPSI


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