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Under The Trees At Hotel Normandie: Trinbago Interactive Music Expo (TIME)


T.I.M.E. is designed to provide musicians and musical performers the opportunity to contact industry professionals from around the world. WHAT IS T.I.M.E? T.I.M.E. will take the form of a series of showcases, seminars and speed dating sessions designed to provide opportunities where persons will engage in discussions and provide practical ideas and strategies to cultural workers to aid in their development and possible entry into foreign markets. Each session will use the previous night’s performance as a case study for analysis and discussion. The performances will feature pre-selected acts that will be viewed by a jury comprising the foreign delegation. These juries will contain professionals that can sign artistes to record labels, participate in tours and enter foreign creative markets. Thursday February 27th & Sunday March 2nd: TIME Showcases - . SHOWCASE 1 - Under The Trees At Hotel Normandie at 8:30pm. Also featuring Calypso Rose, Mungal, Machel, Bunji, Fay Ann Lyons and Others. Cost: $250TT. Dinner Cost: $185TT from 6pm to 8pm . SHOWCASE 2 - TIME at TASA Fete, Queen's Hall Car Park. The acts selected are as follows: . 5 Miles to Midnight . Gyazette . Freetown Collective . Nebula 868 . Johann Chuckaree . Orlando Octave . Sandra Forson . Erphaan Alves . Marge Blackman RESERVES . Rohan Richards (Fireball the Ground General) . Darryl Henry (Farmer Nappy) . Isaac Blackman Six Lucky applicants will be chosen by the panel for all aspects, including the chance to perform for the label representatives at the TIME showcase. Friday 28th February: TIME Seminar - All Applicants have the opportunity to attend this seminar. It will focus on industry best practices and provides information to assist self and product development Saturday 1st March: TIME Speed Dating - A limited number of applicants will be chosen by a panel of industry experts to pitch directly to Label Representatives in five minute sessions.