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Syngle After Carnival


The Friday After CArnival-Party Ole Skewl House ALL SINGLE LADIES YOU PAY NO COVER WITH POSH PASS COMMITTED LADIES STAY HOME!! LOL JK JK LIVE PERFORMANCES BY RAVI B 5 STAR AKIL AND MANY MORE YOUR DEE JAYS THE A-LEAGUE NUPHORIC TICKETS $100 IN ADVANCE Contact any of Team Myami Entertainment Committee Members Crystal Rambarran Chaverne D C Ali Charlie Waffles Keelon J Chow Vaashish Kewlah Harrylal Allan Prince SHANTAL IRISH Myami Carnivale Tesha Tikaram Nirvana Ramkay Ian Ramkayrsingh Chelsea Claverie Kevin Bushman Charles Vishal Harry Singh Nadia Ali Marijan Butts Miranda Maharaj Meiling Samantha Meagz Bissessar Cassi Anna