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SEEing Sound - 7&8 June 2018


Hosted by Danielle Williams

What if we could see sound? 
What if we could hear in colour? 
What if the audience was invited to CREATE and be A PART of the creation, instead of simply being allowed to consume it?

SEEING SOUND is an immersive interactive visual and sonic experience which fuses digital art, film, music, dance. This live show & interactive art installation explores cymatics and chromesthesia. SEEING SOUND is designed to inspire, entertain and provoke thought.

Looking to find a new perspective? 
Look no further. 

Singer Scientist Danielle Williams

Clinical MEDIA GROUP- Lighting & Projections
Zayna- Dance & Choreography
Kyle Richardson- Singer-Actor

Grundlos Kollektiv
#11 Cipriani Boulevard, Port-of-Spain
(Tall Black Glass Building Opposite Jenny's on the Boulevard)

Saturday 9th June 2018, 7PM
Sunday 10th June 2018, 6PM