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Red October: The Bangkok Experience


Saturday Oct 20th 2012, 10pm to 4am O2 Park Red Ants and PURE come together again to bring you the once a year spectacle that is RED OCTOBER, the Bangkok Experience. New Venue, New Concept, a New Experience As Usual we spare no expense to ensure that your experience is our number 1 priority. This has been the cornerstone of our success. RED OCTOBER will encompass a wide spectrum of activities that are the elements of a Premium Experience. These include Ultra Premium Drinks Inclusive (food for sa le) Cocktails Area Champagne Bar (for sale) Shots Zone with over 3000 shots (Liquid Nitrogen/Jagger/Goldschalger/Nuvo/Café Patron and more……) Venue Transformation… this is really important to us…no expense spared… sound system/lighting/special effects….BOOM Best DJ’s in the Country trying to out do each other No VIP section….the whole event is VIP Security Security Security … from your car to the venue and back. This year, we invite you to join us on a journey to Bangkok, the world capital of PUMP. Our Ultra Premium well stocked Bar and our no expense spared on Venue Transformation approach will surely give you a head start on this journey. Limited Advance Tickets Start at $300 See Committee numbers below Red Ants Chike Philip 460 2965 Kandace Price 689-6087 Kendal Latchman 361-2447 Kevin Homer 687-0501 Marvin Carmino 770-8315 Nicholas Patrick 781-7781 Quelita Pierre 795-9896 Rebecca Elias 313-2006 Chris Carim 744-7970 Adonia Gomez Burke 483-2663 Ryan Henrique 744-2257 Stephan Homern 741-3157 Jamie Aqui 753-5154 Zikomo Townsend 720-1732 Brendon Clement 687-6871 James Phillips 683-0822 Joel Lynch 678-6172 Mark Deane 740-2551 Rian Ramrattan 714-4309 Kristi-Anne Chin 682-8835 Arvinder Rampersad 729-8765 Jason Mollineaux 744-8195 Kearlene Crosby 758-5022 Cherrise Alexander 756-6865 Kimberly Ella Tang 685-0363 Nicola Johnson 717-1020 Nicholas Gill 687-7099 Bruce Shepard 788-1263 Nathan Dookie 482-5158 PURE Box Office 681 7903 Aeron Kalloo 391 2376 Astrid Ramdin 687-0501 Renaud Gibbons 750 -4587 Justin Girdharrie 3748181 Brendon Clement 687-6871 Rhea Maharaj 739 1379 Aarti Boodoosingh 357 3471 Kristy De Caires 785 2985 Joshua du Coudray 490 5534 Brent Costa 735-0231 Clint Fung 678-1805 Rachel Agarrat 753-8712