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NCC Carnival Village 2014


On February 7th, the National Carnival Commission will launch this year’s Carnival Village at the Queens Park Savannah. The launch will feature soca and calypso performers including Mr. Famous, SuperBlue, Brother Superior and band, Oscar B and band, K.I. and Triveni, and Shurwayne Winchester and YOU. The NCC’s Carnival Village will be launched at 6 pm on February 7th and runs until March 7th 2014. Over the course of one month, the Village will showcase Mas, Pan and Calypso, along with traditional mas, local artifacts, cuisine, music and cultural traditions. Located just east of the Grand Stand, the Carnival Village will feature a taste of “everything Carnival”, according to Carnival Village Chairman Carl Holder. In keeping with NCC’s 2014 theme, Many People; One Carnival,the Carnival Village will feature entertainment and workshops, including presentations by the Paramin Blue Devils, the Carib Community, the Bush People, as well as Carnival arts groups from communities around the country, including Carenage and San Fernando. There will be booths detailing the evolution of Tassa drums and Chutney music from their early origins to today. And this year, the Village will introduce a Junior Calypso Tent, co-hosted by TUCO. There will be lots of indigenous food and drink on sale, and nightly entertainment including Calypso, Stick Fighting, Minstrels and Speech Bands. The Carnival Institute will display costumes and photos on the origins and development of Carnival, and the Carnival Art Exhibition, co-hosted by the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago will show work from local artists on the theme of mas. There will also be a wide range of craft, clothing and jewelry available. Several Government Ministries will be present, including the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism; the Ministry of National Security; the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of the People. The Village will feature presentations for school children between 8 am and 3 pm, with evening entertainment from 5 pm to 11 pm. On February 25th there will be a Chutney competition for primary and secondary schools. Admission is free and 24-hour security will be provided.