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Make Love Share Love: The Provocative Edition


When last have you had a hot, steamy and sensual experience?????? A day ago?.. A week ago?... What about a month ago? Hmm... Has it been that long?! Well let not your heart be troubled, for the lovliest love affair is here once again! Its a time to Make Love ...A time to Share Love. But this year we're turning up the HEAT to a maximum 100 degrees. Which level of Heat do you prefer? Level 3 ... 50 degrees ... "Lets Flirt" Level 2 ... 75 degrees ... "Its Foreplay" Level 1 ... 100 degrees ... "The Climax" So lets come together as we transform the treasure Queen into the Love Boat... A vessel filled with passion, pleasure and ultimate satisfaction. Ladies you MUST represent in your MOST seductive wear! Think HOT! Think DARING! Guys yall coming to tame these feisty females! Dress to impress! Your dj's 5 Star Akil S. Carter & DJ Marlon Chine & Ding Dong Ticket info ... Shawn Nyah>>> 708-1695 /2a4102be Starboi Wawo>>374-6321 /28fe0dd9 Solomon>>>>>>733-7691 / 262cc1d2 Kelvin Loggs>>>684-8320 /26015928 Lauren>>>>>>>348-3434 3 Levels ... 3 Hours of Love...3Dj's Come Stimulate Your Senses


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