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No Sleep for the wicked!!!....The last BESSS Fete before we hit the Roads. You Don't want to miss out!. insomnia |inˈsämnēə| (n): habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep. Saturday March 1st Come fete from10 pm - 10 am No Glass Bottles Allowed This is a WET dress to GET WET! Performances from the Best: • Machel and the HD Crew • KI • Bunji, Fayanne and the Assylum Band • Patrice • Farmer Nappy • Lyrikal • KRich • Cassi And many more •1st Edition tickets SOLD OUT •2nd Edition sold at: Cache POS Cache West Mall Cache Trinicity - Upstairs and Downstairs Cache Gulf City Inexcess POS Inexcess Arima Cleve's Fredrick Street POS Online At Www.Ticketgateway.Com General -- $350 VIP - $450 - to include free doubles and 3 small meal options ALL DRINKS MUST BE PURCHASED in both areas Paid Secure Parking at Pier 2 INSOMNIA - Yuh Ready? Truly no sleep for the wicked Get your tickets now!


  • Pier 1
    Pier 1, Western Main Road
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