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ESCAPE: The Tuesday Connect


This is for the true music lovers... the ones who need to connect with the energy of amazing voices and sounds... the ones who can't get through a week without a musical escape... this is for you. Meet us at RuStreet under the city stars, for a weekly series dedicated to those who genuinely need to getaway. This week's ESCAPE! route is plotted by 5 Miles to Midnight! Hear a little about their story, as they chat with the lovely DJ Dani of Star 947. Runaway with their music in this week's powerful Tuesday Connect. Be sure to follow their treasure maps of inspiration to your ESCAPE to our doorsteps - personally written from each of them to you. It's $60 all night long to celebrate this refreshing night of intimate entertainment - DON'T BE LATE! ESCAPE! The Tuesday Connect At RuStreet... Under the city stars For table and bottle bookings, please call 622-2233. ***DRESSCODE*** This musical ESCAPE is for the grown and sexy we strongly encourage an elegantly casual style for this intimate getaway. #forthegrownandsexy Look out for Treasure Map ESCAPE! Routes on the profiles of our Committee Members: Tara Koon How, Kern Elliott, Ladelin Garcia, Johann Jason Joseph, Kavita Ramlogan, Rhys Thompson, Megan Navarro, Elizabeth Timothy, Laura Superville, Jeanelle Frontin