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On Boxing Day Ghostwriters Music TT - GWM is gonna Jump Start your Carnival 2015! Join us as we say goodbye to the hits of 2014 and enter into Soca Season 2015! Before you pack your bags and head over to Bago for Ole Years... Lets Go #DePARTYear!! BOARDING RULES 1. DRESS TO FETE & GET WET - heels are a no no! 2. PACK YUH COOLER 3. NO REFUSAL OF "REFRESHMENTS" [take yuh shot & hush] 4. NO DRAMA ON THIS FLIGHT! 5. NO GLASS BOTTLES 6. FEEL FREE TO LOSE YOUR MIND 7. IF THIS IS AN ISSUE LEAVE IT HOME ALTOGETHER 8. DESIGNATE BEFORE YOU LEVITATE DJs DJ Adam Ultra Simmo Nuphoric Assassin Singh Lord Hype (DJ Dayne) Where: Cloud9 [Details Soon] [coolers in before 7pm] Tickets available at Follow Us @GWmusicTT - Twitter, IG and Facebook #JumpStartCarnival #Carnival2k15 #GhostWriters




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