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Winter Blast


\('O')/ Breaking News!!!!!! Reporters have said that Trinidad will be experiencing snow but only on 1 night (Dec.27th) and 1 area in the Port-of-Spain region (Club Cruise Wrightson Road).....Strange But... I Wanna Live This Experience You Should Too...\('O')/ »»»»» DSƮ ««««« presents " Winτεя Blαsτ" " Club Cruise will be transformed into Alaska" \('O')/ IƮ's Gơƞƞα Bε Ʈhε Cołdεst Ɛvєя !!\('O')/ °•.¸¸.•° Fogs °•.¸¸.•° °•.¸¸.•° Co2 °•.¸¸.•° °•.¸¸.•° Winter Lights °•.¸¸.•° °•.¸¸.•° Ice shots on entry °•.¸¸.•° °•.¸¸.•° bottle of ciroc to giveaway °•.¸¸.•° ~(','~) (/'o')/ \('o'\) (~',')~ ~(','~) (/'o')/ \('o'\) (~',')~ ~(','~) (/'o')/ °•.¸¸.•°ƮƞƮ 's Hottεst DJ's Coмing To Warm Ʋp d Place °•.¸¸.•° * Poison Sounds *Rapid Response * S Cater & Dj Marlon * DST Sounds * AMD Sounds * Dj Abu & Minty Fresh ---------------------------------------------------------------- Tickets ; male : $100.00 Ladies (2 on1 ) : $ $130.00 For more info: Link any DST member for tickets: Shaq (Dst)- 3290ca05 Sabga (Dst)-21 ad1f8b Matic (Dst) -21e687c8 Winkle(Dst) -23958b7f Harley (Dst)- 273f0451 Bully (Dst)- 23587209 Danze (Dst) -2a286abf Beenie (Dst) -286900ed Fifth (Dst)-25c81be7 Cookie (Dst)-22e95f98 Pookie Boss- 79b7be19 ------------------- "WB" ladies: Nika- Sammy- 29ed72b6 Prudy-26c6af95 Gaby-21fb7ab8 --------------------------------------- Other Committee members: Loose Cannon- 23a4f825 Nick (Next Chapter ent.)- 273e3be3 Natty (Top Star ent.)-22b8a16f Mark (Top Star ent.)-26ea6dfb This Event is Fully Endorsed By: - Poison Sounds - Top Star Ent. - Next Chapter Ent. - AMD Promotions - MMBM Family #EVENT SLAPWAYYYYYYYMUCH




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