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Tumblr The Event - Young Forever


YOUNG FOREVER - Being Forever Young means to be timeless. To exist in various time frames and states but to still have the notion of longevity. Being Forever Young is a mind set. A feeling that propels you to make the most out of life everyday. When people are young, they are innocent. They have yet to experience all the things in life that tend to jade people. Young people approach situations with excitement, and hope. There are no preconceived notions attached to situations at hand they are open to the possibilities. Living your life as one who is Forever Young does not mean to be oblivious; rather it means to approach everyday, every situation with newness. Having expectations that aren't governed by previous failures in the same. But believing, hoping and yearning for something new. Tumblr The Event is Young Forever. DJ CAST: Travis Toda World & KAYUS KRIS (One Drop) [Slam 100.5] DJ Marcus Williams and Doctor Dominic [Star 94.7] Rapid Response “Double R Unit” Poison Sound [Next 99.1FM] Selectah Aaron and Fadda Lenroy & Many More ... TICKET PRICES: Bettys 2-on-1 : $120 General Access Bands : $120 (General Can be Male/Female) Celebrity Entrance Fashion Show Introducing: Y Magazine and #YoungForever Clothing Line For More Info of Contact Any Committee Member : Keiron 'Rocstar' - 4657491 | BBM: 21E76E58 Shania Perez - 7269899 | BBM: 22312B0D Ian Davis - 3507343 | BBM: 2746B23A Kerwin Miller - 3304210 | BBM: 29C148CD Omello Mason - 3572840 | BBM: 27526BDC Shimiyah White - 3704556 | BBM: 27E8791A Savannah-Mychal - 7451358 | BBM: 2A6EC6BC Sarah Marie Lawrence - 3817258 | BBM: 26A16D20 Sasha Khan - 7729085 Darnell Kingstøn - 3457887 | BBM: 25ED61D3 Rahim Jarvis - 3313640 | BBM: 21D21455 Travis Toda World - 3282898 Kris Kennedy - 3246135 | BBM: 31D11D7 __________________________________________ Brought To You By: ►King Studios - Join an Follow King Studios - ( ) - ID presented upon request - - Management Has The Right To Refuse Admission -




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