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The No Behavior Event: Sexy Santa


GBN ENT & 1ST PREMIERE PROMOTIONS ::::::::::WE PRESENT TO YOU:::::::::: ¤THE NO BEHAVIOR SEXY SANTA¤ *PAJAMA FETE WHERE CARNIVAL BEGINS* (Don't wear real pajamas Short Pants flick) »ST.JOHNS AMBULANCE HALL« 9PM - 4AM ::::::::: V Y B Z Z Z ::::::::: ::::::::: S E X I N E S S ::::::::: ::::::::: G I F T S ::::::::: ::::::::: D R I N K S ::::::::: ::::::::: P O O R C O N D U C T ::::::::: ♦With only 5 days b4 xmas ur getting to see xmas early & Carnival !!!...... \(‾^‾)/~(','~) (~',')~\(‾^‾)/ As we premiere it to you Who will be the sexy santa ? Ur probably saying hw can this get better ? ~~~|A TRUE PREMIERE|~~~ Free Free Free........... •Jell-O shots ALL night Long• •Glow Sticks• •Santa Hats• •Gyros• •Doubles• •Bake & Shark• ¤Ticket Prices Early Bird: $100 General: $120 @ The Door: $200+ .. GET YOUR TICKETS FAST .. I'm all about the ladies so.. ¤Group Specials for yall are 2 Ladies on 1: $150 Ladies DON'T come alone!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~ DJ Cast™ »Immortal Vybz 'DJ Pun & Marvin'« »LogBoyz Sounds'Short Boss & Mallet« »Poison Sounds'Shane & Anton'« »5star G5« »Base Kickers« »Royal Sounds'D Royal Unit'« »S Carter & Nako« »Bordda-Line Sound« »TriniYard Sound'Rated R & Selectah Kerry'« »Rapid Response'Double R Stars'« _______________________________ R u ready for The No Behavior Sexy Santa ??? Buy ur tics EARLYYY !!! Who gonna look sexy in their Pajamas *wink* ?? If you aint here u aint say nun !!! Witness a Premiere event this xmas!! ;;) As we bring Memories !!!! Cm n enjoy urself !! ------------------------------------------------------ GBN ENT & 1ST PREMIERE COMMITTEE CHRIS BREZZY - PIN32FB64D4 (central side) BRANDON - 315-7774 or PIN214840BF SMITH - 327-6084 or PIN28897EF0 KEON - 3261119 or PIN23344938 TEVY - 384-1268 or PIN216D386F RICKEL - 389-3385 JERYL - 796-6069 or PIN2910A368 CHOLLOW - 383-2702 or PIN27092359 JABARI THOMAS - 370-5389 or PIN26A11DA0 KERRON SAMPSON (GRAPHICS DESIGNER) PIN295AB7B7 or 303-1075 (South side) CHERI - 381-9806 OR 2334E63F HYPA LORD - 343-1386(EAST/WEST) ::::::::::REMEMBER:::::::::: •Management reserves right 2 refuse admission• •ID required upon request• •Tight security believe dat• »»»»»»»-----------------------««««««« Prizes for :--- •Sexiest Girl inna short pants• •Sexiest Short Pants team• •Bess Dress female - $2000• •Bess Dress Male - $2000• •Lucky Ticket Holder a brand new BOLD4• •If the 2girls on 1 Ticket # Calls then Both of them Gets a BOLD4 Each ! :D• •Biggest Girls Team -BOTTLES OF NUVO'S• •Biggest Team (male & Female) - Johnny Swing• > Event Powered by : GBN ENT & 1ST PREMIERE PROMOTIONS




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