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The Festival of Goat


Peace, Love & Goat..

is how we translate the bold, bright Goatober food movement that has made its way to T&T!
Working with the The Trinidad and Tobago Goat and Sheep Society, the Festival of Goat aims to celebrate and elevate the humble goat, bringing together farmers, chefs and industry to reach and grow the following of goat-lovers!

Taste the bright flavours and brilliant creations of our chefs in TWO "goatastic" pop-up 4-course dining experiences on October 19, when we culminate our first Goatober celebration featuring visiting show-stopping UK chefs James Whetlor & James Cochran.
***Limited spaces. Book in advance.***

Enjoy a deliciously diverse presentation of goat by a range of established pop-up food vendors, plus a few non-goaty things, and giveaways!

Of course, it won't be a festival without VIBES so expect music all the while with some funky entertainment, for good measure. ;)

AND...stick around for the after-party!

Admission $60

Pop-up dining details:
4pm sitting presented by Chefs James Whetlor & Brigette R Joseph
7pm sitting presented by Chefs James Cochran & Bianca Savary-Bianco

$350 (includes wine & admission)
Menus to come!

Shout out to media partner Loop TT and sponsors Virgin Atlantic Guinness SoundForge Brydens                   


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