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The Duelist Kingdom Championships 2014: The DK Grand Prix!


Duelists, start your engines! The Duelist Kingdom Championships is kicking it into overdrive, presenting a tournament where speed and smarts are the keys to victory! Does the desire to win burn within you? Many will battle on the road to the Winner's Circle, but only one will cross the finish line! Will it be you? There's only one way to find out! ___________________________________________ TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: Date: Sunday 29th June, 2014 Venue: Upstairs Montrose Mall, 103 Montrose Main Road, Montrose, Chaguanas (To be Confirmed!) REGISTRATION BEGINS: 10 AM REGISTRATION ENDS: 12:15 PM TOURNAMENT BEGINS: 12:45 PM ROUND DURATION: 40 MINUTES ENTRY FEE: $100 (Includes Tournament Entry and a FREE Meal Platter (1 Hot Dog and 1 Soft Drink) at the Pit Stop Cafeteria!) SPECTATOR FEE: $20 SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER! Enter with a Geargia themed deck, and get $10 OFF your ticket price! (Decklist MUST be submitted FIRST to qualify for the discount!) FORMAT: ADVANCED (see for details!) This tournament will STRICTLY adhere to official KDE rulings, penalty guidelines and tournament guidelines. All duelists are reminded that these documents will be available at the tournament site. All decisions made by the Head Judge are FINAL. ___________________________________________ BASIC PRIZE STRUCTURE: GRAND PRIZE: 1 Nintendo Wii-U Console (Includes The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Game Download), 1 Wii U Silicone Controller Jacket, 1 Personalized Trophy (Note: Trophy to be delivered at a later date) and a Mystery Card. 2nd PRIZE: 1 Box of "Primal Origins" (Contains 24 Booster Packs) 3rd PRIZE: 1 Box of "Dragons of Legend (Contains 24 Booster Packs) 4th PRIZE: 1 "Machine Madness" Value Box (Contains 1 Machina Mayhem, 1 Cyber Dragon Revolution, and 1 Machine Revolt Structure Deck!) TOP 8: TO BE DETERMINED! NOTE: ALL prizes are subject to change! ____________________________________________ SIDE EVENT/SPECIAL PRIZES: RACE TO THE FINISH! ---- In each round of the tournament, duelists will be facing off against each other for the grand prize, but since this is a racing-themed tournament, why not reward duelists who believe that speed and precision are the keys to victory? In EACH lap of the tournament, the duelists who completes (and reports) their match victory FIRST will win a prize! PRIZE: 1 Star Pack 2014 TOP GEAR PRIZE! ----- In professional racing and dueling alike, the top performer always emerges the champ, but in that crucial moment where the Top 16 is announced, you could be the top dog one moment, and packing your bags the next! That's why we're not going to leave you empty-handed for such a kick ass performance! Simply be in RANK #1 when the Top 16 Pairings are announced, and we will award you with a prize! (Just make sure you try to win the other prizes up ahead, too!) PRIZE: 1 PRIMAL ORIGIN: DELUXE EDITION PIMP MY RIDE! ------ Cars are drivers' pride and joys, and we're sure duelists feel the same way about their game mats. During the tournament, we'll be looking at the mats that duelists will be competing with. Impress us with the best looking game mat, and we'll give you a prize! (Extra Bonus Points if it's a custom mat with a unique-ish design!) PRIZE: TO BE DETERMINED! _____________________________________________ ALSO, on a final note, be sure to visit the PIT STOP, Duelist Kingdom's on-site cafeteria, for duelists to refuel and unwind! Remember, all COMPETING duelists are entitled to 1 FREE MEAL PLATTER to fuel up before/during or even after the big games! NOTE: Please present your ticket when redeeming for platter! NOTE: Platter consists of 1 Hot Dog and 1 Soda or Water, one per competing duelist!


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El Rodrigo - 5 years ago

This is going to be awesome. See you all there!