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Sunny Side Up Premium Breakfast Party 2014


Date and Time: (Carnival Sunday) March 2nd, 2014 (4am – 11:00am) Venue: Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin Admission: TICKETS ARE ON SALE Single: 150USD/900TTD (LIMITED) Couples: 267USD/1600TTD Limited Advance (Male and Female or Two Females) Penthouse (Ultra Premium All Inclusive location): 184USD/1100TTD (LIMITED) Sunny Side Up (Penthouse Ultra Premium Drinks Bar): Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve, Johnnie Walker Double Black, Ciroc Premium Vodka, Patron Tequila, Moet Ice Imperial, White Wine, Hennessy, Carib & Stag Lager Beer, Redbull, Monster Energy Drink and Signature Cocktails. Sunny Side Up Premium Drinks Bar: Scotch Whiskey: Johnnie Walker Double Black, Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey Brandy: Hennessy Cognac Rum: El Dorado 5yr Old, Angostura Black Label Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum Vodka: Smirnoff Vodka Smirnoff Martini Bar – Featuring world class Vodka martinis like: Watermelon martini, Vanilla martini, Dirty martini, and Green Apple martini to name a few. Angostura Rum Cocktails Shooters: Goldschlager and Two Fingers Tequila. Cream Liqueur: El Dorado Rum Cream Carib Brewery Products: Draft Beer, Carib Beer, Stag Beer, Pilsner Beer, Shandy Carib, Malta Carib and Royal Extra Stout Energy Drinks: Monster Energy Drink and Red Bull Energy Drink Mixers: Coca Cola, Ginger Ale, Club Soda and Tonic Water Water: Coconut Water, Dasani Water and Blue Waters And the ever so popular SNOW CONE VENDOR with VODKA pouring over the cone... Sunny Side Up Breakfast Menu: Toast with scrambled eggs and bacon, Hot tasty Doubles, Oil down, Sada roti, sumptuous salad bar, various mouth watering Sandwiches, Mini Roti, Buss up Shut and various curry delicacies, spicy Corn soup, Fish broth, Chicken pelau, Jerk Wings, fresh succulent fruits to name a few,. Sunny Side Up (Penthouse) Breakfast Menu: Sushi, Bake and Shark, Shrimp cocktails, Shark Wraps, Gourmet Doubles, Dumpling in Crab sauce, Oil Down with provision, Jerk Wings, Pelau and all of the above in the Sunny Side Up Breakfast menu... Sunny Side Up Signature Sweets (Sunny Side Up and Penthouse location) Chocolate and Strawberries together with various fruit, Tasty cookies, Grown Up Mini Cup cakes, Cheese Cake, Ice Cream, Pineapple Chow, Red Mango, Sugar Cake, Benna Ball. Entertainment: Roy Cape Kaiso All Stars and Blaxx, Dil E Nadan and Music by DJ Dayne and DJ Cin For online ticket purchase visit Only US, Canada and European family can purchase tickets online Authorized Committee Members: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trinidad SSU 868 | 707 | 8669 Derek 868 | 680 | 2229 Sandor 868 | 685 | 1990 Candice 868 | 684 | 3673 Dawn 868 | 740 | 3756 Rene 868 | 724 | 7555 Joella 868 | 310 | 3782 Gerard 868 | 681 | 0654 Trisha 868 | 468 | 3258 Chris 868 | 785 | 3900 Carver 868 | 682 | 0051 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New York NYCV 347 | 573 | 5166 Ago Solvo 857 | 719 | 1808 Toronto Rene 647 | 867 | 4061 For more info visit us at You can also follow us on Twitter @sunnysideuptt




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