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Stranded By The Pool


Stranded By D Pool East Premiere Carnival Fete\=D/ @ Salybia Nature Resort Date: 27ᵀᴴ February, ²º¹⁴ (Carnival Thursday) General Tickets $200:D Free Drinks $500:O \=D/ Live Performance By" ▶Sherwayne Winchester ▶D Boss Iwer ▶Tony Prescot ▶Mr Famous ▶M1 (3son) Ki (3vini) Mr Smooth Cassie Jahmoun & Much More ▶Phat's Arima/Trincity ▶Limited Edition Arima ▶Caché Trincity ▶ Xtra Food Grand Bazaar Sinana drug/ japs Grande Hangout bar valencia For More Info: ☎Mason@298-4600 Bbpin:292508a1 ☎Jo Jo@ Bbpin:21e7a1f2


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