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School Clothes: The Ultimate End Of Term Event


On the day School Close, we in we School Clothes !!! Name Your School, Create Your Uniform. Walk with your Lunch Kits and Coolers DJ CAST: Poison Sound X Caliber Trevlyn and Die Hard Custodian Int'l Rapid Response Antix and Ivor Spit Fire and Tuco Terminators Special Guest Artistes: Drastik Dance Squad (Jamaica) Ticket Price: General $150 Group Tickets: 3-on-1 (2 Girls + 1 Boy or 3 Girls) Ticket Outlets: Terminal 4 Converse Store (Westmall) All Committee Members and Classmates (Listed Below) Committee Members: Shane :26ED1DAF + Zaza : 212C6148 Rocstar: 21E76E58 + Akiel : 26CC2E37 Ephraim : 2335365B + Aliyah : 2334670A Steppe : 327E386E + Britney : 2867EC37 Anton : 29B07082 + Shaq : 2A0D1B81 SLR : 213D5548 + Natty : 22B8A16F Zaza : 212C6148 + BB : 28BBCEC1 India : 27498BB9 + Nehemiah : 219C1008 Rissy : 22C691FB + Nikki : 210CA0C9 Class Mates: Queens Royal College: Adrian Awing : 29B6E2DC St.Francois Girls College: Jneida Xavier : 22E63185 Sherrise : 3128CE65 Providence Girls Catholic School: Shania Hodge : 21C32F43 St.James Secondary School T'Shona : 2A5131B2 Selisha : 2A0C9146 Diego Martin North Secondary School Sujourn : 22C81973 Alia : 25E41152 Polytechnic Institute Keishala : 28DD6E56 Teri Ana : 21E6BFC6 San Juan South Secondary School Tracy : 25CFFF50 Bishop's Centenary College Naomi : 334:2590 Nayamka : 2868FFCA Management Reserves The Right To Refuse Admission.




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