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Osmosis 3 | Ice Age | #O3


~~ STS Promotions, Monarque Entertainment and MASE~~ ~~ PRESENTS ~~ ~~Osmosis 3 | ICE AGE|~~ The Official Mid Terms Brain Cooler Event and Water Party Shuttles are available from UWI to the venue and back! No curfew to hold we back, so we partying all night long!!! ✔ ICE SHOTS ✔ ICE SCULPTURES ✔ CO2 ✔ SHOTS X100 ✔ WILLY DOG ✔ WATER ✔ COOLERS ✔VIBES *Dj Cast* READY MIX DMT MONARQUE SOUNDS LURBZ AND ASWAAD V.F.I TREVYLN AND DIE HARD DJ FAYA ~~For more info please contact~~ **********MASE******** Mikey Singh: 689:6273 ********* STRIVING TO SUCCESS ********** Migz : 765-2968 Freddy: 795-8860 Ajala : 391-6991 Bob: 480-1282 Tamika: 361-1997 Megan: 719-4610 Rene Dolli: 707-1505 *********MONARQUE ENTERTAINMENT********** Bowen: 760-1870 Bastaldo: 351-5418 Trent : 768-8705 Akil 350-5186 Che 389-1213 Musclez : 312-5591 UWI Jared: 327-1428 USC Rondell 737-5710 COSTATT Ken 710-4212 SBCS Khadijah baksh 310-3427 ALL COOLERS IN BEFORE 12AM **********NO!!!! GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED**********


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