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Kama Sutra: NAKED


Kama Sutra Committee is going: "NAKED" On Saturday 22nd February 2014 from 10pm to 4am at Anchorage Beach Club, Chaguaramas THE Premium Cooler Experience with the top soca artistes: Bunji Iwer Mr. Killa Super Blue Shurwayne The Sexiest! The Hottest! The Classiest! The Wickedest! Epic!!! Get your LIMITED Early Bird $200.00 Tickets NOW Ariel Stampfli: 732-3202 Arielle Williams: 765-5770 Brianna Shim: 777-9292 Clyne Rodriguez: 683-4736 Jaime Trestrail: 686-2057 Jamie Emmanuel: 460-4939 Jehan Singh: 760-0820 Jodie Mohammed: 791-5602 Kimi See Tai: 377-2257 Kristian Leong Poi: 787-9683 Luke Watkins: 713-3542 Marc Stampfli: 763-9398 Nickieous Allen: 783-6707 Sabeena Heetai: 355-0722 Safia Ali: 709-0296 Serala Ramlogan: 765-9644 Scott Fanovich: 384-9912 Scott Gonzalez: 749-6644 Shane Creteau: 754-9119 Sharon Alladin: 772-6938 Toni-Marie Chin: 739-8641 Nadia Hackshaw: 777-1301/395-9307 Special Giveaways Alcohol Shots Body Painted Men & Women Food & Drinks on sale Bring YOUR Cooler: NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED!! Coolers in by Midnight!! The ULTIMATE COOLER NAKED EXPERIENCE!!!!! Powered By: Kama Sutra