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Duelist Kingdom: Battle City!


Greetings, duelists. Welcome to Battle City, but, more importantly, welcome to my tournament! I wonder if you have the courage to compete in this tournament, where many elite duelists such as yourselves will face off against each other for great prizes, sponsored by yours truly, Seto Kaiba. Hmph. I guess we'll just have to see about that, now won't we? I'm looking for the strongest duelist amongst you. If you triumph, I won't just reward you with the prizes you seek...I'll also ante up the rarest card in my deck, the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! But beware....I don't usually impress that easily. Care to prove me wrong? Then get ready, duelists of Trinidad. It's time to duel. - SETO KAIBA, Chairman, Kaiba Corporation _________________________________________________ TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: Date: Sunday 30th March, 2014 Venue: 3rd Level, Montrose Mall, Chaguanas REGISTRATION BEGINS: 10 AM REGISTRATION ENDS: 12:15 PM TOURNAMENT BEGINS: 12:30 PM ROUND DURATION: 40 MINUTES ENTRY FEE: $80 SPECTATOR FEE: $10 KAIBA'S DRAGON DISCOUNT: Get $10 off of your ticket price if you enter with a Dragon-themed deck! (Must submit your FINAL decklist to qualify for discount!) FORMAT: ADVANCED (see for details!) This tournament will STRICTLY adhere to official KDE rulings, penalty guidelines and tournament guidelines. All duelists are reminded that these documents will be available at the tournament site. All decisions made by the Head Judge are FINAL. _________________________________________________ BASIC PRIZE STRUCTURE: GRAND PRIZE: 1 Black Nintendo 3DS, 1 copy of Pokemon X,and 1 Secret Rare "Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon" card! 2nd PRIZE: 1 "Legacy of the Valiant" Booster Box (Contains 24 packs) 3rd PRIZE: 1 "Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants", One 4 Pocket Card Portfolio, 1 Ultra Pro Deck Box, 1 Pack of 50 Seto Kaiba themed Card Sleeves. 4th PRIZE: 1 "Saga of Blue Eyes White Dragon" Structure Deck, One 4 Pocket Card Portfolio, 1 Ultra Pro Deck Box, 1 Pack of 50 Seto Kaiba themed Card Sleeves. TOP 8: 1 Secret Rare Elemental Dragon Card (Random Draw) ALL PRIZES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! ________________________________________________ SIDE EVENT: LOCATE THE GOD CARDS! The God Cards have been stolen from Kaiba Corp, and it's up to the duelists to get them back! Earn LOCATOR CARDS for a chance to locate the goods and win ONE LEGENDARY COLLECTION: GAMEBOARD EDITION! RULES: - When you enter, you get ONE LOCATOR CARD. - You can earn more LOCATOR CARDS two ways: 1) Win duels in the Battle City tournament. The loser of your match MUST forfeit their locator card. 2) You can buy them for $5 apiece from the Tournament Organizer. LIMIT: 2 PER DUELIST. (If you have 4 or 3 wins, this is a good way to have a chance in the raffle!) - When you have FIVE, surrender them all to the Tournament Organizer, who will then register your name (and assign a number) for the raffle. - Raffle will be drawn on, once the Top 16 pairings are announced. Winner receives ONE LEGENDARY COLLECTION: GAMEBOARD EDITION!


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