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DRINK 3D - Not Just A Party, It's A MOVIE!


EID 2013 We gave you our new signature Event D R I N K - Diaries of a Partier A Cruise with Vibes, CO2 and tons of new memories!!! January 5th 2014 We told you to DRINK 2 Life! A Ride unmatched and boy oh boy did we celebrate! Fast fwd to a year later! On SUNDAY 4TH JANUARY 2015 "The Action Kingz" Rapid Response Say it's time to get ready for.... LIGHTS!!! CAMERAS .... ️ACTION!!!! D R I N K • 3 D Not Just a Party... It's A MOVIE!!! Let's break it down! DRINK 3D - "Everything is better in 3D" Everyone knows. A Movie is Better in 3D so DRINK is now improved to make sure the vibes are on 1000% ..... No Gimmicks. It's a Cooler Cruise too! DRINK 3D - "3 Events in 1" 1. BOARDING PARTY aka PRE-MOVIE! - This is NOT welcome drinks ... DJ's will be pumping and the DRINKS are .... FREEEEE YASSSS!!! FREE PREMIUM DRINKS on the Treasure Queen Inclusive of Belaire Rose, Johnnie Walker Black, Cafe Patron, Hennessey and Ciroc. 2. THE MAIN EVENT - We Set sail at 4PM SHARP!! ✂️ For our 3 Hour long Feature of Action, Top Dj's, Vibes and Drinks! Co-Starring CO2, Non-Refusable ShOts Cocktails and Bigger Booties! 3. AFTER MOVIE PARTY! - Promptly as the boat docks .... We head to ROSSCO'S for the Exclusive DRINK 3D CHILL SPOT Party! Everyone from the ride will have FREE Access to Chill Spot to continue the Movie! DRINK 3D - "3 Levels!" The Treasure Queen will be completely utilized to maximize the movie feature! TOP DECK - FREE DRINKS till they're done! MIDDLE DECK - Cocktails and Shots Zone BOTTOM DECK - COOLERS Permitted! After all. It is a Cooler Cruise! D R I N K • 3 D Everything is better in 3D It's not just a Party it's a Movie! DRINK 3D Cooler Cruise is on SUN 4TH JAN 2015 at 2PM aboard The Treasure Queen. Book your Drink 3D Tickets. This time you wear your ticket: Your Fireworks 3D Drink Glasses! To book tickets now message or call: Mush: 355-0150 Monee Kendell: 491-8285 Hustlin Harper: 730-4019 Christian: 782-4747 Flam: 748-6571 Or email:


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