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Cuisine Cruisin' - The GoatoberTT Edition



GoatoberTT fans!
We've registered your concerns about the weather for Saturday's picnic event, and so, we've decided to make some changes:

1. Cuisine Cruisin' is moving to a new venue - the original Goatober kitchen at Longden St, St Joseph.

2. Instead of a picnic-style event, we're inviting you to enjoy a rustic garden lime (with adequate coverage), a complete meal (meat + sides), starring UK chef James Whetlor live cooking on the grill!

What stays the same:
1. Goat cooked several ways (+ a choice of pork or chicken)
2. Time - 12 to 7pm
3. Bring your drinks!
4. Good music - which means dancing is still in order
5. GREAT company and vibes!

Walk with your drinks and settle in for a great big food event!
We'll still be having a day of Peace, Love and Goat!!