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Create your event

Start by creating and publishing an
event on Buzz.
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Select a Power Up

With just a few clicks away from the
published confirmation screen, select a
Power Up option and the relevant
configuration for it. If you decide not to
boost your event right away, you can always come back to the Power up options
by clicking the Power Up button from within
your Event Manager.

Gain more exposure

Buzz provides free reporting so you can
track the effectiveness of your promotion

Power Up Options

Buzz PRO

Unlock amazing features!

Go PRO and stand out from ordinary events listed on Buzz. Unlock more features such as sponsors area on your event page, more advanced analytics and insights. Buzz PRO gives your event page a full screen display which emphasizes all the key elements surrounding your event.

  • Advanced Analytics & Insights
  • Sponsors Area
  • Full Screen Cover Art
  • Speakers Area

Buzz Spotlight

Display your event where it can't be missed.

Become the main attraction by securing one of the exclusive spots in our rotating homepage banner. With only 5 spots available per day inventory is limited and sells out quickly.

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Buzz Featured

Get above the fold

Book a spot in our Featured Events area and gain more traction for your event. As users visit Buzz, your event will be one of the first they see. Once featured, your listing appears ahead of standard listings and search results by category for events. Becuase it's displayed more often, your event has a much better chance of being discovered.

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