Smart invoicing
that will get you paid.

Create and send invoices that your customers can
pay online instantly. Get paid faster and improve
your cash flow.

Create invoices that are instantly payable

BuzzPay Invoices provides customers with a seamless buying experience through beautifully designed
invoices that speak your brand language.

Send, track & manage invoices

Automate your invoice process from start to finish and let the platform do the work for you. Create and send invoices in one click, or start with an estimate and magically convert it into an invoice in seconds. You'll be able to track, edit and manage all your invoices and payments with BuzzPay.

Save time and accept online
payments on invoices

No more chasing clients for checks or waiting in the line at the bank. Let your clients pay you online and get paid up to 4x faster.

Put your business on auto‑pilot

Whether you need to send late payment reminders to a client or thank them for settling a bill on time with a receipt, BuzzPay can automate it for you. BuzzPay automatically handles the follow-up with your clients so you can focus your time on what matters most. Save yourself the time and hassle with BuzzPay invoice automation

Do more with your invoices

Let your customers know what they are being charged for with detailed breakdown of their expenses including taxes where applicable. Add multiple line items or add a discount
to your invoice with a single click. BuzzPay makes it quick and easy.

Track the status of your invoices

Automatically track your client’s invoices with BuzzPay. With clear invoice status labels, it’s easy to track which of your invoices are saved as drafts, sent to the client, viewed by a client, or have already been paid.

Flexible taxes, discounts and shippings

Tired of remembering to factor in all those extra taxes and fees? Save unlimited taxes, discounts and shipping charge entries in BuzzPay, both as percentages and fixed amounts, and quickly add them to your invoice line items or sub total. Don’t worry, we’ll do the math for you.

Packed Full of Features to get You Paid Faster

Mobile and desktop design

Everything on Buzz looks beautiful on both desktop and mobile. Designed to make it easy for your customers to pay.

Automatic emails

Receipts, notifications, upcoming charges, and more are all automatically sent to your customers.

256-bit SSL security

All transactions and payment forms are secure and encrypted.

Analytics and reports

Keep track of product sales and payments at a glance.

Export data

All your sales and payment data can be exported with one click.

Manage Accounting

Manage all your payments in a neat interface. Get to know who paid how much and when.

Product Catalog

Manage all your products and categories in the same place.

Coupons and Promotions

Easily create promotions and coupons to promote your products.

Ready to dive in?

98% of customers say it's easy to set up.

Start growing your business today with effortless online payments.