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Saturday 21 September, 2019. 06:00AM

Queen's Park Savannah

Saturday 05 October, 2019. 09:00PM

Anchorage Beach Club

Monday 23 September, 2019. 10:00PM

Island Royalty Yacht

Saturday 12 October, 2019. 05:00PM

Brian Lara Stadium

Thursday 10 October, 2019. 07:00PM

Brian Lara Stadium

Wednesday 02 October, 2019. 07:00PM

Queen's Park Oval

Monday 30 September, 2019. 07:00PM

Queen's Park Oval

Wednesday 25 September, 2019. 07:00PM

Horizons Art Gallery

Thursday 10 October, 2019. 08:00AM

Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre

from $75 USD

Saturday 21 September, 2019. 05:00PM

A Secret Location in Trinidad

Tuesday 24 September, 2019. 07:00PM

Kaiso Blues Cafe

Saturday 21 September, 2019. 04:00PM

Government Campus Plaza

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