Help / FAQ

How do I create a Buzz account?
Welcome to! To join the hive, click an option at the top right hand corner of the site. Follow the steps shown and you can join the Buzz community!

How do I see what’s happening close to my location?
While signed into your account, click the yellow My Location icon on the main menu, then set your general location. Now click  the Buzz Map button on the main menu and have fun discovering Events, Restaurants and Accommodation near your location!

How do I become the owner of an event, venue or performer profile?
Have you visited the page of a venue that you own or manage? Are you a performer and would like to have the sole rights to your Buzz page? Are you the promoter of an event and your party has been added on Buzz by someone else? It’s simple to claim your page! Simply click the claim button and a request will be sent in to us. Once we can confirm the validity of the request, you will be made owner of the requested page.

Why is Buzz so awesome?
Why thank you for saying so! Our team works very hard to provide you with a great Buzz experience. If you have further questions, feel free to contact and we’ll help you to keep Buzzing along!