Buzz COVID-19

Abrupt Shifting In Our Society

The current outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) is having a significant impact on the Event industry, Business Venues and Public Spaces, as well as the Movie industry. As efforts are being made through the practice of social distancing to help prevent the spread of contagion, individuals and businesses that are listing their services on Buzz are being impacted. 

We encourage entertainment seekers to check often with the relevant authorities in your home country on the best safety measures to be taken at the current time, as information may rapidly change. It is important we all do our part to flatten the curve: decrease infection rates through social distancing so our health care facilities aren’t overburdened by too many infected persons at one time. 

COVID-19 Live Map courtesy of Johns Hopkins University

As cases of COVID-19 have become confirmed in Buzz Media’s home country, Trinidad & Tobago, we understand the importance of protecting our staff, clients, and wider community during this time by playing our role in stopping the spread of the virus. 

As the situation began developing into a global crisis, the importance of decisive action became clear. We at Buzz Media began altering our business plan to ensure we can continue to provide useful online services to the entertainment community, as well as ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and community. 

What Will Happen To Buzz Listings for Events, Venues & Movies?

We will continue to provide Buzz Listings for Events, Venues, and Movies during this time when entertainment information is available, and will update these sections as necessary in response to social changes made to combat contagion. 

Buzz Event Listings for in person events are still open to countries that are not under quarantine. Please continue following the advice of the government and health authorities in your home country. If you are asked to not attend mass gatherings among other social distancing measures, please self-quarantine in your homes. Buzz Event Listings are also available to all hosts with virtual events they wish to share. 

Buzz Venue Listings will remain unaffected. However, it is important to note many venues have begun instituting safety measures including changing their operations and closing their doors at this time. 

Buzz Movie Listings are not currently operational as Trinidad & Tobago’s theatres undertook the social responsibility of closing their doors in order to assist the government and health authorities in the call for implementing social distancing. 

What Buzz Services Are Available At This Time?

We encourage those who have started hosting virtual events to utilize our FREE Buzz Event Listings for their events. For those who are hosting virtual events that require payments, Buzz Ticketing is a viable option for your event. 

Buzz Pay online payment solutions are available to both individuals and businesses. This suite of e-commerce tools is available for those who are still providing goods and services during this time and would like the safety of collecting money for themselves or their business without person to person interaction. To learn more about these services, please visit

What Should I Do If I Have A Buzz Event Listing That Requires Cancellation?

We applaud the efforts of Event Hosts who have taken action against the spread of this disease by cancelling their in person events. Here are the steps to cancel your Buzz Event Listing:

  1. Log In To Your Buzz Account.
  2. Visit your Buzz Event Manager and select All Events.
  3. Select the Hamburger Menu next to the Event you wish to cancel and select Cancel Event.
  4. Fill in the Optional Message letting patrons know the reasons for the event cancellation.
  5. Select Cancel Event.

If you currently have a Buzz Event Listing with Buzz Ticketing activated, please contact us at to issue refunds for purchased tickets.

What Has Buzz Media Done To Protect Staff?

At Buzz Media, our team is a family and as such we have taken measures to protect each other that include:

  • Empowering our staff via the ability to work from home, especially those who use public transportation services.
  • Routine environmental cleaning and sanitization of our offices.
  • Making hand sanitizer available to staff, in addition to our already established hand washing facilities.
  • Suspending in house meetings with clients for our mutual safety.
  • Rearrangement of staff work stations to maintain social distancing recommendations of at least 3 foot distance between persons.
  • Enforcing an illness free environment by mandating employees who begin exhibiting flu-like symptoms to stay at home.

How Do I Protect Myself?