The Traitor

  • 2019-05-23
  • Drama, Crime
  • 132


Palermo, Sicily, 1980. Mafia member Tommaso Buscetta decides to move to Brazil with his family fleeing the constant war between the different clans of the criminal organization. But when, after living several misfortunes, he is forced to return to Italy, he makes a bold decision that will change his life and the destiny of Cosa Nostra forever.

  • Directors: Marco Bellocchio
  • Starring: Pierfrancesco Favino, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Fabrizio Ferracane, Fausto Russo Alesi, Luigi Lo Cascio
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  • Pierfrancesco Favino
    Pierfrancesco Favino

    Tommaso Buscetta

  • Maria Fernanda Cândido
    Maria Fernanda Cândido

    Maria Cristina de Almeida

  • Fabrizio Ferracane
    Fabrizio Ferracane

    Pippo Calò

  • Fausto Russo Alesi
    Fausto Russo Alesi

    Giovanni Falcone

  • Luigi Lo Cascio
    Luigi Lo Cascio

    Salvatore Contorno

  • Crew

  • Marco Bellocchio
    Marco Bellocchio



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