The Mitchells vs. The Machines

  • 2021-04-30
  • Comedy, Animation, Adventure, Family, Science Fiction
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After Katie Mitchell is accepted into the film school of her dreams, her family decides to use this opportunity to drive Katie to school as a road trip. When their plans are interrupted by a tech uprising, the Mitchells realize that they must work together to save the world.

  • Directors: Michael Rianda
  • Starring: Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Michael Rianda, Eric André
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Abbi Jacobson
Abbi Jacobson

Katie Mitchell (voice)

Danny McBride
Danny McBride

Rick Mitchell (voice)

Maya Rudolph
Maya Rudolph

Linda Mitchell (voice)

Michael Rianda
Michael Rianda

Aaron Mitchell (voice)

Eric André
Eric André

Mark Bowman (voice)


  • Michael Rianda
    Michael Rianda


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