The Fog

  • 1980-02-08
  • Horror
  • 89


Strange things begin to occurs as a tiny California coastal town prepares to commemorate its centenary. Inanimate objects spring eerily to life; Rev. Malone stumbles upon a dark secret about the town's founding; radio announcer Stevie witnesses a mystical fire; and hitchhiker Elizabeth discovers the mutilated corpse of a fisherman. Then a mysterious iridescent fog descends upon the village, and more people start to die.

  • Directors: John Carpenter
  • Starring: Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, John Houseman, Tom Atkins
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  • Adrienne Barbeau
    Adrienne Barbeau

    Stevie Wayne

  • Jamie Lee Curtis
    Jamie Lee Curtis

    Elizabeth Solley

  • Janet Leigh
    Janet Leigh

    Kathy Williams

  • John Houseman
    John Houseman

    Mr. Machen

  • Tom Atkins
    Tom Atkins

    Nick Castle

  • Crew

  • John Carpenter
    John Carpenter



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