My Son

  • 2017-09-20
  • Drama, Thriller, Mystery
  • 84


The story of a busy man, who fills his time travelling to Africa, South America and the Middle East. His passion for his job has distanced him from his loved ones. He’s been divorced for three years and has since seen his son very little. When the latter disappears, he is forced to stand still, and soon discovers things about his ex-wife and, above all, his son. A terrible feeling of guilt overwhelms him and he decides to find his son at all costs...

  • Directors: Christian Carion
  • Starring: Guillaume Canet, Mélanie Laurent, Olivier de Benoist, Antoine Hamel, Marc Robert
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  • Guillaume Canet
    Guillaume Canet

    Julien Perrin

  • Mélanie Laurent
    Mélanie Laurent

    Marie Blanchard

  • Olivier de Benoist
    Olivier de Benoist

    Grégoire Rochas

  • Antoine Hamel
    Antoine Hamel

    The Pick-Up

  • Marc Robert
    Marc Robert

    Head of the Kidnappers

  • Crew

  • Christian Carion
    Christian Carion



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