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Unplugged Tuesdays! Sizzla


1st LADY ENTERTAINMENT & WOODFORD CAFE ...bring to you a special UNPLUGGED TUESDAY on Tuesday September 4th at the POS branch... SIZZLA UNPLUGGED!!!!!!! DJS: *Rapid Response *Titan *Ryan Spartan For your $120. E-TICKETS contact ... any of the following 1st Ladies: *Andrea Baptiste (East) *Ashley Broadbelt (East) *Brittany Thomas (South) *Canissa Brereton (South) *Chantal Thomas (West) *Chenelle Burke (North) *Danielle Ryan (East) *Karlea Burkett (North) *Leanna Duarte (East) *Patricia Thomas (South) *Shantal Samaroo (North) *Tajae Harripersad (South) or any Woodford Cafe committee member: *Alicia Phillips (North) *Aaron Achan (South) *Christa Collymore (Central) *Kavitra Bhagwandeen (Central) *Nikesha Ali (North) *Safia Ali (West) *Shanti Singh (North) *Shaun Medford (East) UNPLUGGED TUESDAYS @ WOODFORD CAFE POS SIZZLA UNPLUGGED LIVE THIS TUESDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER, 2012 291-LADY (5239) | 469-9521 | 688-5982


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