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U We - The Fete


Hey U

On January 31st...

Why don't U come party with WE
Actually...let's name the party after us

U WE - Together As One

All Roads leads to ..
University Inn Car Park

U WE are you ready!!

The BIGGEST Artistes

Earlybird Tickets start at $60


Aguero Singh 329-2155||Ammeil K Ali 290-4968|| Arron Smith 366-4264|| Ashley Ramnath 786-1522|| Bheemal 348-6151| |Branz Atwell 318-3619| |Chelsea Rogers 715-2623|| Chickie Salandy 317-4468|| Chris Hakim 327-3265||Christin Sankar 305-0147|| Dexter Wilson 301-5001|| Erica St Cry 310-7172||Giovanna Lake 480-6122|| Judah Jessop 471-8587||Junair DeSouza 351-9205|Kedel Boodram 325-5170||Kershelle Banfield 293-192 ||Kimberly Cedeno 749-3878 || Kyle Lee - 378-3542|| Lestan Weekes 498-4845|| Lisa Mala 683-4565|| Maky 715-4176|| Marissa Cuffie 364-5360| |Mathias Hall 678-1946||Mervin Agiste 680-7513|| Mitra Maharaj 756-7869||Ranessa Austin 786-7608|| Reshma Rampersad 474-8427||Rishi K Gallion 479-4948||Rosario Hackshaw 798-6773||Sarah Mahabir 372-7445||Shaquille Crawford 388-2915||Shawn Guppy 716-9094|Shernandae Patterson 314-6161||Sky Pouchet 770-9019|| Staci Rampersad 371-5227|| Tamika Hinkson 761-1367|| Terrence Dear 380-8330|| Tianna Manwaring 745-1115|| Vedandi Lutchmansingh 377-7866|| Villon Stanley 760-3583|| selectah KK 304-2180



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