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Tropic Antics: A Lecture by Lesley Lokko


Hosted by the Trinidad & Tobago Institute of Architects

Tropic Antics centres on the way in which Africa (and the Caribbean) is always constructed ‘in opposition’ to the North, the West, the Civilized and the Developed Worlds, we will look at two cities in particular – Accra, Ghana and Johannesburg, South Africa, and examine the tropes of ‘otherness’, ‘development’, ‘chaos’ and ‘disorder’ whilst looking for ways in which local resilience and inventiveness are found in the urban realm.

ADMISSION IS FREE BUT RSVP IS REQUIRED. Email to reserve your spot.

Tropic Antics is a lecture by Prof. Lesley Lokko – architect, academic and the author of ten best-selling novels. Lesley is currently Head of School at the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Lesley's visit is presented by architect Mark Raymond in association with the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Johannesburg; the CCAU; and the Trinidad & Tobago Institute of Architects. Thanks to our sponsors Berger, Kee-Chanona Ltd, Neville Pouchet, Home Solutions, and UNICOM.