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The Rumble of the Stones


Director: Alejandro Bellame Palacios 2011, Venezuela Spanish, with English subtitles Narrative feature / 100 minutes CARIBBEAN PREMIERE DELIA, A SINGLE mother raising two sons in a Caracas slum, dreams of moving to a house by the sea. William, her older boy, is drawn by circumstances to join a gang. Young Santiago does well at school, but when his best friend is killed in a drive-by shooting, he begins to follow his brother’s path. This is an emotionally charged film, the story of one woman’s courage and determination to keep her family together. In association with the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Wed 19 Sept, 1.00pm, MovieTowne POS Thur 27 Sept, 6.00pm, MovieTowne POS, Q&A Fri 28 Sept, 4.30pm, UWI, Institute of Critical Thinking, Q&A