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TEDxPortofSpainSalon - Taboo Conversation IV: Society & Technology


Society & Technology

Society and Technology is the theme for our next Taboo Conversation.

Every major global shift has had technology as its lever. Its is underpinned by the question: How might we use technology to leverage our full potential? On April 28th, in partnership with Pagoda, TEDxPortofSpain will be holding a conversation on technology related ideas worth doing.

Technology can be harnessing fire or domesticating animals. Today when we think of technology we are often thinking about digital creativity, hardware devices or software development. This conversation is intended to bring a group of like-minded citizens together to think about technology ideas worth doing. No matter your idea, bring it, share it and find people who might help make it a reality. Conversationalist, Fabian Taylor, founder of Pagoda and Push Media will be hosting this conversation. We invite you to ask questions, comment, share your opinions, experiences and facts at our next Taboo Conversation.