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TEDxPortofSpainSalon - Taboo Conversation III: Unlearning Violence


Sometimes conversations escalate, sometimes two people disagree. How do we respond to a 'bad drive'? It's undeniable that there is an increasing level of hostility and violence in our nation. Some people experience this violence in their homes and workplaces.

Taking a lash has become a 'right of passage'-- wives, girlfriends, children, grandchildren, grandparents and men (yes men), have all been victims of some form of verbal and physical abuse.

On March 9th, we will host conversationalist Indrani Goradia, a founding member of a ground breaking philanthropic and advocacy initiative aimed at improving the health and rights of girls and women worldwide. TEDxPortofSpain invites you to join the conversation. Ask questions, comment, share your opinions, experiences, and facts to this Taboo Conversation.