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San Fernando Drift Expo


ITS BACK! After A 3 Year Break, San Fernando Is Ready To Host One Of The LARGEST Motorsport Events To Hit These Shores... ►►►►►►► ⓈⒶⓃ ⒻⒺⓇⓃⒶⓃⒹⓄ ⒹⓇⒾⒻⓉ ⒺⓍⓅⓄ ◄◄◄◄◄◄◄ ►►►►►►►►►► THE SAN FERNANDO DRIFT EXPO ◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄ ➨ Sunday 21st July 2013 ➨ Brian Lara Stadium (Tarouba, San Fernando) ➨ From 12Noon We Transform The Stadium Into A DRIFTING & BIKE STUNT Arena... From The People That Brought You The Country's FIRST Ever Drift Expo At Pier 2 Chaguaramas, We Take The Show To The Southland ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ Our Drivers Have Vowed To Put On A Mind Blowing Presentation, Complemented By: ✔ Pyrotechnics ✔ Laser Lighting ✔ Two Car Tandems ✔ And Carefully Choreographed Routines Due To Escalating Road Fatalities Among Young Adults It Has Become Necessary To Edify Our Nation’s Drivers About Proper Road Safety. Through This Event We Intend To Provide A Safe And Controlled Environment For Local Drivers To Showcase Their Skill And Compare The Performances Of Their Highly Tuned Modified Vehicles SAFETY IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY, We Plead With Drivers To Practice These Vehicular Traits ONLY At Our Shows ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ UNLIMITED MOTORSPORTS Will Host Five (5) Of Trinidad & Tobago's Most Dynamic Drift Clubs, Including: ► 3D Drifters ► Slide Syndicate ► Drift Factory ► Marztech Racing ► Dirty Projects ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ SPONSORS ➨ NLCB ➨ RedBull ➨ Wheel Wizard ➨ LOLLABEE Cellular ➨ Toyota ➨ Uncle Sam Maracas Beach ➨ Coca Cola ➨ Johnny Q Sound Company ➨ Ministry Of Sport ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ For Discounted TICKETS Call: ✆ 7404609 (Marsden - Marztech Racing) ✆ 4758784 (Duane - 3D Drifters) ✆ 6784688 (Jody - Slide Syndicate) ✆ 3472732 (Reagan - Dirty Projects) ✆ 3509291 (Dirty Projects) ✆ 7851235 (Andre - EAST) ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖


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