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Mike's Bikes Big Ride to Salybia


Join us as we embark on a fun ride from Diego Martin to the Salybia Nature Resort. Distance: 45 miles (73 kilometers) Average Speed: 16 mph (25 kilometers per hour) Duration (including 15 minute rest stop): approximately 3 1/2 hours You can ride along, follow the ride in your vehicle as a supporter or join us for the brunch and post-ride activities at the resort. 6:30 am Depart Diego Martin Keep Moving Sundays The cyclists will remain in a group until rest stop at Valencia. 8:30 am (approx) Rest Stop at Valencia River 8:45 am Depart Valencia Experienced cyclists can optionally "race" to Salybia Nature Resort after the Valencia rest stop. 9:30 am - 10:00 am Arrive Salybia Nature Resort 10:00 am Brunch & Awards RIDE INCLUDES Police escort Brunch Access to Salybia Nature Resort and Spa facilities ----------- BRUNCH MENU Fried bake, coconut bake and Sada roti Fried shark Smoked Herring Melongene Choka Pumpkin Choka Fried Aloo Sausages Corn soup Saltfish accras Cheese, butter, jam Coffee, tea, juice (self serve station) ------------ REGISTER AT MIKE"S BIKES 624-MIKE (6453) Cyclists $200 Non cyclists & supporters $175 Kids 12 & under $75 Kids under 3 FREE Registration form here Print and submit at Mike's Bikes -------- SPONSORED BY Mike's Bikes Blue Waters Gatorade Kiss


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