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...The Start of Summer 2015...

OUTBACK + WinerBoy Entertainment + Illusions = *MAYHEM*

May 23rd
Jamboree Park

Premium Drinks Inclusive - Ltd Adv $300

Scotch, Vodka, Black Label Rum, White Oak Rum, Gin, Carib, Stag, Bacardi Dragon Berry shots, Punchy Punch, Tequila Shots.

Ultra Premium Drinks Inclusive - Ltd Adv $400

JW Black, Premium Vodka, Hennesy, Baileys, 1919 Rum, Single Barrel Rum, Black Label Rum, White Oak rum, Malibu Rum, Gin, Prosecco, Red & White Wine, Carib, Stag, Cafe Patron, Jager, Goldschlager + more.

Tickets available from Outback, WinerBoy Entertainment & Illusions committee members.

Tickets also available from these Ticket Outlets:
TRIBE Carnival Mas Camp
Simply Runway (Grand Bazaar)
Silhouettes Lounge (Valpark)
Kenli (Lange Park)
Protein Hut Trinidad (UWI)

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